About Brian

Brian Eller Graphics is a project that has been in development for most of my life, really.

It started from my childhood. My father taught me about Photography -- something that he was passionate about -- pretty much from the time I was old enough to hold a camera. I've always enjoyed writing, drawing and doodling. I served on the school newspaper and yearbook staff for several years; writing, taking pictures, doing layout. In Jr. High, I took a Drafting/Technical Drawing class, and In about 1983, I had the chance to take a Printing class, where I got to see and learn how things work in a Print Shop. At the time, I had no idea how important all of these different pieces of the puzzle would be.

But it was in 1981, the big piece of the puzzle was put into place in my life. The Computer. I started off learning BASIC programming, in time, I dabbled a bit in PASCAL and C; then my interests moved into hardware, and networking. By the Mid 90's I had earned my Novell CNA and CNE certifications, my A+ Service certification, and a few other vendor specific certifications.

From early on, I also had a strong interest in the online community. Starting out in about 1982, when I borrowed a friend's 300 baud modem, and signed onto CompuServe for the first time. I was hooked. I began calling area BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) and soon ran one of my own. In 1990 I started, with another friend, creating photo .GIFs for downloading from my BBS. By 1992 I'd started doing freelance work here and there. I signed onto the Internet for the first time in 1995, and created my first web page a couple months later. Because of my programming experience, I picked up HTML quite quickly. Over the next few years I created websites, designed logos, put together brochures, along with my contract/consulting work in IT. In late 2009 I decided that I preferred doing the creative/design work over the work I'd been doing in Hardware/Software/Network support, and switched over to make Graphic Design my full-time project. I also decided that if I was going to do that, I had to do it "all the way', so I decided to return to school, to earn my degree, and update my skills. After an extensive search, I found the school that I felt was the best fit for what I wanted to do. I set forth , and over the next three years, I took an accelerated program, graduating in June of 2013 with an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications with a concentration in Web Design and Development, both Magna Cum Laude, as well as a certificate in Multimedia. I also received ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation in 2012 and 2013 for work I have done.

I have taken all of these skills and experiences and put them together to launch Brian Eller Graphics. In February of 2015, I took the next big step, filing the necessary paperwork with the State to form Brian Eller Graphics, LLC.